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Roofing repairs
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It's time to tackle that never-ending list of home maintenance, renovations and improvements that need to be done, both interior and exterior! Let The Repairman help you get your home up to scratch and running smoothly - we are experts in a wide range of home improvement and remodeling services. We specialise in full-house renovations and remodelling.

We are based in Durban North. Our services are available in the greater Durban area, La Lucia, Glenashley, Umhlanga, through to Umdloti and Ballito.

Trust us for Household Maintenance, Painting, Renovations, Tiling, Plumbing and a lot more for your home and business in Durban. Professionally done, everytime.
We also offer garden services and skip hire.

Umhlanga Home Renovation

This is a project we are working on in Umhlanga. Call us for a quote: 071 226 7788.

Posted by The Repair Man on Wednesday, 9 June 2021


Bought a new home? Call us for a complete house renovation project before you move in. Give every room the professional attention it needs.


Improvements, add-ons & upgrades to existing home areas can greatly raise your levels of safety & comfort without completely gutting the building.


Periodic maintenance and repairs can save you time and money. Call us to see how we can prevent today's damage becoming tomorrow's emergency.

Most Popular Services

Bathroom Remodel

Create the modern bathroom you've always dreamed of. Considering aesthetics, functionality, and your budget we can simply install new fixtures, lighting, and mirrors or carry out a complete overhaul.

Kitchen Remodel

We'll help you plan and design your kitchen to create a functional space that is also the heart of your home. Install new appliances, worktop and doors, or splash out on a full renovation.

Full Home Renovation

We love pre move-in renovations: New ventilation & air conditioning, luxury features, energy-saving, extra space and improved accessibility.

Preventative Maintenance

Minimize larger, costlier and more stressful repairs by calling us for a comprehensive list of maintenance projects in and around the home. Regular upkeep and home fixes will have a lasting impact.

Roof Repairs

Stay safe and dry with a well-maintained roof, possibly the most important feature of your building. We repair and recondition your garage roof, house roof or office roof.


Finding a great tiler is like finding hidden treasure! Our team know what they are doing and offer a professional tiling service every time.

A MAN For Every Room

Bathroom Remodel
Remodeling your bathroom is a huge undertaking, both financially and logistically. Whether you are in Durban North or Ballito, The Repairman is on hand to make the process as seamless as possible.
  • Full Remodel - Gut
  • Shower & Bath
  • Basin & Vanity
  • Accessibility Improvements
Kitchen Remodel
Bathroom - Repair & Refresh
Kitchen - Repair & Refresh
Living Room
Dining Room
Deck & Patio

A MAN For Every Project

  • Bathroom Installation
  • Kitchen Installation
  • All Your Installation Projects
  • Baby, Child & Pet Proofing
  • TV Wall Mounting
Repair & Maintenance
Doors & Windows
Painting & Staining
Aging-in-Place & Accessibility
Preventative Maintenance
New Home Owner
Selling Your Home


The Repairman is a company which was started many years ago, serving the greater Durban area, and that's all we'll say about that because we DO NOT like dwelling on the past. We have a future forward mindset, so we forget about complaining. Our one and only concern is how we can get it done, and when we run into blockage, the only question is – "how can we fix this?". From Riverside to La Lucia, Glenashley, Umhlanga and even Umdloti, we can help.

We Are The Repairmen.
main doing repairs

A Team of highly skilled artisans who are led by Paul Van Rooyen who always puts his best foot forward in doing the best work possible. A perfectionist mindset, is what sets us apart from the rest, and it is this sort of mindset which encourages the team to perform meticulously. A mindset which has benefited the company time and time again by generating healthy clients who will tell everyone and anyone how The Repairman does the absolute best work in the business.

Now if there's one thing we know it's DIY, but the problem with that is safety. Now we aren't saying you shouldn't change your own light-bulbs, but we are definitely saying that you should not be doing your own electrical work OR your own plumbing. You see there are plenty of safety hazards which you are taught to bypass while training in these professions and we can assure that mishaps in these industries may by very dangerous!
So why risk it?

The Repairman has a qualified team of professionals who are ready for pretty much any job you can throw at them. We love everything from renovating Bathrooms to painting, tiling, Ceilings, roof repairs, building works, handyman work, electrical and plumbing.
Our experience ranges from working with body cooperates to working with private individuals and all each and every one of our teams is supervised to very strict standards which is why we are a quality professional service with stellar customer satisfaction. If you're still not convinced you've come to the right place, all work is guaranteed and we are fully insured.

Last but not least, while The Repairman is more than capable of performing a plethora of tasks there are still functions we cannot serve and because of this we WILL recommend reputable companies to aid you further.

Thank You, for spending some time on our website and considering utilizing our services on your next project, we look forward to doing business with you!
Kind Regards, The Repairmen


To provide the best possible service at a reasonable price. Good, honest, hassle-free renovations and maintenance for your home or office at all times.


Safe, well-maintained properties in our expert care, across the Durban North area and lower KZN North Coast.